Sunny resort surrounded by vineyards

Kobleve (in the past Troitske or Postove) - a village located in Berezan district of Mykolaiv region.

This village was named in honor of Thomas Coble - Major General of the Imperial troops, military commander and the Governor of Odesa.

The resort Kobleve is located on the Black Sea coast of Mykolaiv region, 50 km from Odesa and 80 km from Mykolaiv.

The wide and fine beaches of Kobleve stretch out for 7 km.

One of the main advantages of Kobleve is the lack of industrial zones and enterprises.

The village of Kobleve is adjacent to the estuary Tiligulskiy, which is known for its healing


Kobleve is located in the beautiful area of the Tylihul Estuary and the Black Sea coast surrounded by multiple vineyards. The splendor of wines produced here is the result of favourable natural conditions: mild continental climate with mild winters, hot dry summers and rich land.

One of the leading wineries in the Black Sea coast, is also located here. It offers excursions during which the visitors may witness the entire process of winemaking from the grape harvest to bottling.

Visitors are invited to taste the best wines of the Kobleve Winery: Sauvignon, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Aligote, Merlot, Saperavi and others.

During the tour guests may study the culture of tasting this noble drink.

Kobleve - wonderful holidays and bright memories

Kobleve is a rare combination of gentle sun, blue sea, filled with fragrance of steppe grasses and a beautiful pine forest around it.

Kobleve is especially popular among the families with small children, as the shore waters are warm and shallow. The water temperature in July and August rises up to 21-27 degrees Celsius.

Kobleve has also the largest water park in the south-west of Ukraine, which occupies an area of more than 4 hectares. There are 20 thrilling water slides and a wide variety of amusement rides.

Kobleve has many other entertainment activities: a large number of sports and playgrounds, rides, concert and artistic areas, amusement parks, daily discos and karaoke shows, plenty of bars and cafés, water slides for children, a huge selection of water motorcycles and bicycles, trips on boats and yachts, as well as numerous excursions.

In the summer Kobleve hosts numerous festivals and concerts, attracting participants and tourists from all over the world.

The Kobleve resort - is a recreational area, stretching for about seven kilometers. There is a large number of boarding houses and recreational centers with varying degrees of comfort, able to accommodate up to 20,000 holidaymakers. Spending vacation in Kobleve may seem incomplete without tasting local wines, grown in the picturesque nature reserve of Tilihul close to the coast of the Black Sea.