Myhiya - the “Little Switzerland”

Myhiya- is a picturesque village in Mykolaiv region, generously endowed by nature with its beautiful views.

Myhiya can be compared to a small mountainous country in the endless steppes, and that is why it is often called the “Little Switzerland”.

It is located in the National Park "Bugski Guard", Mykolaiv region. The area is home to 22 species of animals and about 900 species of plants, 26 of which are listed in the Red Book (list of protected species) of Ukraine.

The tributaries of the Southern Bug river have created a canyon of breathtaking beauty. Here the river flows through a narrow valley with the granite rocky banks, reaching up to 60 meters in height. The most known spots are the "High rock" and the rock that is called “Turkish table.”

Southern Bug is one of the few rivers in Europe which still has rapids. There are about 12 major rapids; the river’s most beautiful one is called the "Red Gate". Sometimes it is also called "Integral" because of its shape.

Myhiya rapids is the favorite venue for international kayaking and rafting competitions. The kayak trails here are considered the second most difficult tracks in Ukraine.

The centuries-old history

Myhiya has a fascinating history. Since ancient times, the settlements of the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Scythian period and the Chernyakhiv culture lived here. Later, a large settlement of the Ukrainian Cossacks was located here. It was called Bugogardova Palanka (administrative unit), which became the center of the Haydamak movement.

In the place where the rivers of Southern Bug and Syniukha merge, the town of Pervomaisk is located. In the past this was a place where they built Turkish Golta, Zaporizhian fortress Orlik and Polish Bogopol.

Thus the head of the Southern Bug river together with its tributaries in the area of Myhiya divided the three great countries: Turkey, Poland and Ukraine.

The Gard island, located at the center of the area became a refuge place for Haydamaks.

The name of the area along the valley of the Southern Bug takes its roots from the Cossack past: the island of Cossack Mamai, Balka Gaydamak, Gard Island, tract Protich with Protichanskyi rock, Turkish Table, Gates, Owl, Pugach and other cliffs.

In 1889 a meteorite fell near Myhiya. During the study of this meteorite a new type of substance was discovered.

The name of Myhiya originates from the times of the "father" of history - Herodotus, who was exploring Greek city-states located in the Black Sea region. When he saw the beauty of this area he called it "Emigeya", which means "My land" in Greek.